Breakaway is a unique combination of strategic consultancy, creative agency and venture capital firm. We are experts in disruptive brands. We create them. We build them. We invest in them. We make other brands nervous with them.

We are active investors, marketers, designers and partners. We work with innovative, early-stage companies and established brands that know the only way to stay established is to think like innovative, early-stage companies.

We are partners with our clients in real, meaningful ways that span from financial stakeholders to psychological shareholders. We only take on clients where the relationship matters equally to us both. Co-dependent success is infinitely more powerful than someone with an agenda.

We push and prod and poke and challenge and create and destroy. We look under stones. Every stone. We have client side CMO experience, a deep strategy background, the business acumen of a VC firm, and great creative.

We are not fucking around. Except when we are.

And we’re not.