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The buzz on Facebook Paper is well deserved. I just don’t use it.

Posted on February 7th, 2014

On Monday, Facebook unveiled their uber-hyped news and stories app Paper. Like Zite and Flipboard, Paper serves up content surfaced by your social network, but also offers curated news, videos and images from a handful of categories like tech, sports, and cooking. Here is what I wrote that afternoon …. “The buzz is well deserved. Paper is beautifully designed, and at the most basic level it’s simply a better Facebook. More visual, less busy, thumb friendly. Paper is built around a few simple gestures. You don’t scroll through Paper as much as you flick through it. You explore HD photos by titling your device to see what you want to see. It’s intuitive, ad-free (for now) and also something else that Facebook hasn’t been…

EdgeRank Imitates Life

Posted on September 28th, 2012

It’s easy (and often justified) to paint Facebook with the “evil-empire-that-set-up-a-way-to-monitize-your-abilty-to-reach-your-fans” brush, but we also need to stop and give props to Facebook for just how smart the EdgeRank algorithm really is. This is real life. It doesn’t matter how many “friends” your brand has, what matters is that they want to engage with you. If you can’t start a conversation that they are interested in, well, shame on you. In the race to the biggest audience possible, brands are still losing sight of (a) how EdgeRank works, (b) why it matters, and (c) how this is true of all marketing anyway. Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm is the secret-sauce that the platform uses to decide what content ends up in your newsfeed. The easiest way…