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Marketing: The Song Remains The Same.

Posted on March 26th, 2014

The more marketing changes, the more it stays the same. Or, as the Talking Heads would say, “same as it ever was.” Earlier this week, I gave a talk in an International Marketing class at Boston University’s Isenberg School of Management taught by former Reebok colleague + good friend, Pat Hambrick. Preparing for Monday morning’s class (MK 467 for those who sweat the details) by reading the syllabus (there’s a first time for everything)  I realized that I had taken the exact same class during my fun-filled stay at Villanova’s School Of Business over 25 years ago. Once I got over the bustle in my hedgerow about my age, it struck me that so much has changed in marketing over the past 25 years – yet…

Viral is an Outcome, Not a Strategy

Posted on January 15th, 2013

The way you hear marketers talk, you’d think “viral” was an action item on a product launch checklist. Did we film the viral video? What’s our viral plan? Let’s make the next Dollar Shave Club. We need our own Charlie Bit My Finger. This is a case of marketers and brands buzz-wording themselves into a frenzy, and as a result, bastardizing industry lexicon. It’s not only incorrect, it’s silly. Viral is the byproduct of being interesting, and of outstanding creative. Viral is what happens when you are exceptionally smart, moving, or original. Things spread when they are truly shocking, or amazingly funny. Or even just phenomenally dumb. But nobody makes “viral videos.” People make videos, and every once in a while, those video go…