Case Study: Disrupting Amazon With Wasabi

Dave Knies

Wasabi is a Boston-based "hot" cloud storage startup founded by the team that built publicly-traded Carbonite. Wasabi's mission is to make cloud storage a simple, open-standard commodity like electricity, with an offering that is faster, cheaper and more secure than established market leaders Amazon, Google and Microsoft. 

But as a startup, how could Wasabi build trust, get noticed and compete with industry giants at launch?

“We have to create an image in the marketplace of a reliable partner to store your data. That’s the challenge we brought to Breakaway. How do we look like a company that is trustworthy and solid?”

 – David Friend, CEO + Co-Founder, Wasabi

While enterprise cloud storage is projected to become a market with limitless growth potential, it is often considered to be unreliable, not easy to use, and complicated.

“When people think of going to the cloud, they first think of Amazon. But the inhibitor of moving to the cloud has been the unpredictability.”

- Mike Welts, CMO, Wasabi



“Breakaway positioned us in a much broader way than any startup dares to go. What other company would come up with the idea of positioning us against Amazon and Google, and position them as old school?”

- Mike Welts

Our team developed a brand positioning and launch campaign designed to convey a simple message – Wasabi is better, faster, cheaper and easier to use than Amazon S3 – to technology leaders in companies with rapidly growing cloud storage needs and costs.

“Breakaway got down to the essence of Wasabi being 1/5 the cost and 6x faster than Amazon.”

- David Friend

The Wasabi brand’s new look, feel and message applied across every customer touch point – iconography, infographics, website, advertising, inbound / outbound marketing, videos, animations and social content to launch the company across multiple verticals and targets. Our team also helped to build and fine tune Wasabi’s lead generation engine and multiple guerrilla tactics around industry events.



“Crazy growth. Incredible success out of the gate. We thought we would be fortunate to get 20-25 early adopter accounts. We got over 1100. Some of the biggest names in each of their respective vertical industries are now dipping their toes in Wasabi.”

- Mike Welts

The initial campaign results have gotten Wasabi off to a fast start. As the company raises its next round of funding, we are excited to help Wasabi become one of Boston's next great companies!

“If you are looking for a fresh, provocative approach, Breakaway has demonstrated to us the ability to think outside the box.”

– David Friend

Wasabi Case Study 061818 from Breakaway on Vimeo.


More about Wasabi at their website, and follow them on Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. And listen to Wasabi CEO + Co-Founder David Friend's story on the latest edition of The VentureFizz Podcast.