Casey Affleck’s Oscar-Worthy Performance

Nina Berg

Casey Affleck, son of Cambridge, my hometown, made us all proud this Saturday night. He hosted SNL and starred in the below skit about beloved Masshole staple, Dunkin Donuts:

His accent is far better than these 10 fakers (Oscar-winners Tom Hanks, Tim Robbins, Mel Brooks, and Leo included), and you'll see shades of '00 Pedro when he guns a coffee cup into the windshield of a "toonie." This performance further cements his place among Hollywood greats. 

Affleck was on SNL to promote the release of Manchester by the Sea, a film that our resident DP, Jon Walley calls, “a movie that will make you want to call your mom.” And by that he means, “it was an incredibly dark, sad, emotional roller coaster." In my biased, townie point of view, if Affleck doesn’t win an Oscar for Manchester by the Sea, he ought to win one for Dunks.