Fueling The Resolution

Dennis Baldwin

Last week our team at Breakaway saddled up with hundreds of other Bostonians at EverybodyFights to ride The Resolution by Pan-Mass Challenge, the organizations’ indoor bike-a-thon that boosts the PMC's annual fundraising effort to support the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

Cancer is personal for most of us. We all have friends and family who have fought that fight. For me it was my daughter, who was diagnosed with cancer at age seven. Childrens Hospital and the Jimmy Fund Clinic saved her life.

I’m a longtime admirer of the PMC. They do good, and do it well. Their epic, annual multi-day bike ride raises millions, and experientially they have created a movement that matters. But there are only so many bikes you can fit on the road, so last year the PMC piloted The Resolution as a way to expand participation and increase impact by reimagining the where, when, and how people can get involved. The idea of pedaling our way to a cure is big enough that it can include smaller events, new markets and partners, and technology solutions that help people everywhere join the ride.

In that spirit, Breakaway has teamed up with the PMC on a year-long strategic partnership to expand and amplify The Resolution. I can’t think of a better way to leverage our deep experience creating growth for brands in the sports, fitness and wellness space than helping the PMC in their pursuit of a cure for cancer.

My thanks go out to everyone who made this year a success – our team here at Breakaway who raised thousands, all of the friends and families and complete strangers that donated, our partners at EverybodyFights who hosted the event for the second year in a row, and all the amazing staff and volunteers at the PMC who make the event so special.

We’re really proud to play a small part of this big movement. And we’re just getting started.