Hanging with @Shrimpdaddy

Jon Walley

Marque Cox is a video editor working in Los Angeles. Seems normal enough. However, unlike any other editor in L.A., he is the only one who answers to the title of Shrimpdaddy. If the name Shrimpdaddy isn’t ringing a bell, then you haven’t spent enough time on Instagram and probably aren’t up on the latest R. Kelly buzz. Either way, it’s worth exploring his page @Shrimpdaddy. You’ll find an impressive variety of edits that blend skate, cinema, music, and viral culture into a tapestry uniquely his own. I sat down with Marque to pick his brain about his art and get to know the man behind the shrimp.

Who/what is Shrimpdaddy? 
SD: I don’t even know! On Facebook I had a fake little account called Shrimpdick (laughs) and people thought it was some kind of porn, so I started getting a bunch of followers. I don’t know, Shrimp just seems funny and I like shrimp!

Where did the name come from? 
SD: I was looking for new names that hadn’t been taken on Instagram. I tried so many and landed on Shrimpdaddy somehow. 

I got my first job in TV, and the guy who hired me, hired me off of Snapchat. Since my name on Snapchat is Shrimpdaddy he basically introduced me to the whole company as Shrimpdaddy and not Marque. After that, people started to call me Shrimpdaddy at my corporate gig (laughs)… and now my friends call me Shrimpdaddy, too.

When you’re not Shrimpdaddy, what are you doing? 
SD: Right now I’m at High Five Agency and under New Wave Entertainment in Burbank. I edit Netflix trailers and Netflix social media—just super corporate. 

Monday through Friday, and outside of that, I hang out with friends and try to get as many fun, original posts on Instagram as I can.

You have a pretty interesting editing style. What were some of your influences and how did you get here? 
SD: It was a gradual thing. I started from skateboarding and from there learned how to key people out, mask people, etc., As far as influences, I really like anything,  comedy stuff, like good neighbor stuff with Kyle Mooney, Sight unseen, Emerica videos, oh, and The Matrix!  

You also have a great lo-fi aesthetic I’ve seen in several of your Shrimpdaddy shorts. What’s the thinking behind that choice?
SD: I spend a lot of time on each edit. I try to make the audio and sound design as good as I can, so it’s like, “Whoa!” I do everything I can to make it perfect for myself. Some people come up to me and will be like, “you’re crazy, dude! I don’t understand how you even come up with this stuff.” 

I think that a lot people don’t understand it. They’re just like, “Oh that’s cool.” I have two people who I hit up and send my video before I post to see if it lands. They’ll give me the real answer and suggest tweaks. Then I send it to other people and they laugh. Over time more and more people laugh. 

You have a substantial social following. How did that all start? 
SD: It started because my original videos were reposted by skateboarding IG accounts, then I branched out last year and made this R. Kelly music video. That one got me a following on YouTube and is somehow still growing. I’m trying to get more into not skateboarding stuff and mixing it in with everything.

What’s your video platform of choice as far as creating/delivering content?
SD: Definitely Instagram.

Do you have any interesting stories of people who sent you messages or comments on anything you do that’s strange?
SD: If you read the comments for the R. Kelly video, you’ll see that they’re funnier than the actual video. People think it’s real, so I‘ve had girls message me asking to do business. Or people randomly calling me because I have my number on my website. I should probably take that down.

Last but certainly not least, party snorts. For those who don’t know, please enlighten us on this ritual. 
Oh man, party snorts. I saw this account called Party Snorts, which is basically videos of frat people snorting beer. I thought it was sick and told my friend, “Yo, let’s give them some of our snorts.” I would send a video and they wouldn’t repost. They never reposted, so I decided to make my own account and call it Party Snorts LA.

The dude from Party Snorts hit us up and demanded we turn over all the “money” we were making, which we weren’t. Then I changed the name to Party Snorts Official and he said he was going to sue us, so me and a bunch of friends got a bunch of people to start doing it. So that was it.

For unparalleled water cooler fodder, check out Shirmpdaddy on Instagram and YouTube, and stay tuned for the next edit soon!