ISPO Munich Accolades - Wearable Tech Integration

Talia Pinzari

Held yearly in Munich, Germany – ISPO – the world’s largest trade show for the sportswear market – is now a wrap for 2017. On February 5-8, more than 2,700 international exhibitors presented their newest products and innovations from outdoor, performance sports and ski to health & fitness, sourcing and textiles.

If one thing stood out to us, it was the spirit of proactive networking and open collaboration amongst the exhibiting brands. Speaking to this trend was the product of cooperative efforts between our client Bemis – a 100 year old company innovating Sewfree bonding technology for the greatest technical, performance, and lifestyle brands – and Noble Biomaterials – global leader in antimicrobial and conductivity solutions for soft surface applications.

Over the last year, Bemis and Noble teamed up to address a problem impacting the pending takeoff of the wearables marketplace: an extremely complicated and segmented supply chain. As the experts in their respective spaces, Bemis and Noble leveraged Sewfree technology and conductivity innovation to develop a fully bonded kit that allows for the infusion of active devices (such as biometric sensors, lights, and power) into apparel. Because the kit simplifies the infusion process into one step, connective integration could become accessible for factories of all sizes – feasibly democratizing wearable tech for much smaller garment brands.

At ISPO, it was clear from the feedback of trade media and exhibiting brands alike that the innovation is a welcome development in the space. The latest iteration from Bemis and Noble, Circuitex Conductive Technology, was also recognized by ISPO Textrends as a Top 10 product in the Trims category.

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