Oath Craft Pizza CEO On Food Trends that Should Stay in 2016

Cait Hagaman

Last week one of my colleague’s did some forecasting about 2017’s food landscape. This week Restaurant Business posted a similar article, with a twist. They discussed what trends have ran their course and should stay put in 2016. Amongst the individuals quoted were Patrik Hellstrand, CEO and president of Oath Craft Pizza.

Read Patrik’s thoughts below, and be sure to also check out the full piece here.

“2016 was a great year for food … but what I hope not to see this coming year is any more ambiguity around ‘natural foods.’ A continued improvement on true transparency—from packaged brands to restaurant menus—is both my hope and goal for the food space. Besides that, I wouldn’t be upset if we stopped seeing mac and cheese-stuffed foods, ‘lollipop’ anything, pizza burgers and barbecue, pierogi or any other meat-related sundaes.”  - Patrik Hellstrand

Stomach growling? Grab a pie at any of Oath’s Boston locations.