Scott Maney

This is not a race.

This battle. This sorrow. This road to recovery.

This is a marathon.

Sometimes you can’t even imagine the finish line. It seems a long way off, doesn’t it? But there is one. You can’t see it yet. But there is one. It’s at the end of a very long run where everything is heartbreak. Not just the hills.

Like every marathon, there are people along the way to clap and cheer and feed and nourish and help you go on when you the last thing you want to do, the last thing you think you can do, is go on. But go on you must. One step. Then another. Then another. Some for you. Some for them. Some for some other power that you find deep in a place you didn’t even know existed.

It’s a solo journey. But you’re not alone. We will run together. One step at a time.

This is not a race.

This is our marathon.

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