Velcro Companies is in the rarified air of being one of the few brands in the world that not only invented its category, but whose name is synonymous with the product itself. VELCRO® is not just a thing, it’s a brand. And that means you have to constantly build and protect that brand with all your might.

As amazing as VELCRO® Brand is, the brand itself had lost relevancy. As more and more companies encroached on their invention, VELCRO® Brand needed to remake itself back into the category owner. Breakaway created a modern look and tone of voice that spoke to a new digital millennial generation that ultimately helped change the shape of the entire company across the globe.


Breakaway designed a global website for VELCRO® Brand in nine languages. The site included a robust B2C ecommerce platform, a deep pool of social media and content, and a B2B site segmented by channels with lead capture functionality.


VELCRO® Brand had over 600 skus and sub-brand names that made for a confusing consumer experience. We developed a new slimmed down and color-coded product architecture and redesigned their global packaging to allow consumers to see and feel the products. 


Content development isn’t just for consumers. B2B represents 80% of VELCRO® Brand's business and we needed to find ways to reach and educate that audience in interesting ways. To help buyers and developers understand the quality difference in VELCRO® Brand products, we created a series of Hook and Loop 101 videos using factory footage and cool graphic treatments.


The VELCRO® Brand repositioning included elevating the brand in the design space and engaging with creative people. Breakaway identified artists experimenting with VELCRO® Brand and gave them exposure through social media and content creation. VELCRO® Brand even helped fund Kickstarter programs. In the process we developed loyal brand ambassadors. 


Another genius invention – reusable storage bags with VELCRO® Brand closures. Print ads targeting millennial moms were created to show just how versatile and brilliant the bags really are. 


Leveraging online media, we created commercials for VELCRO® Brand bags that highlighted all the things you can use them for in a simple, graphic, hypnotic format.


Breakaway created an influencer activation program by partnering with Brit Morin, the millennial Martha Stewart. This cross-promotion put VELCRO® Brand in the hands of Brit’s DIY projects and created a content series for both parties, ultimately driving traffic for both VELCRO® Brand and Brit + Co.

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