Brand activation is an integrated approach to social, digital and public relations, designed to drive specific business results. Our methodology runs counter to an industry that justifies its value through impressions, coverage and page likes. We do things on purpose and prioritize outcomes over output. We block and tackle, but we also bob and weave. We are channel agnostic problem solvers, hell bent on creating value between brands and consumers. We get people to care more, do more, click more and buy more.

Activation Strategy

Our brand activation team partners with clients to develop a strategic, measurable approach that maps multi-channel tactics to business priorities. We’re digital natives and adroit storytellers that use a combination of insights, research, persona development and marketing acumen to evangelize a target audience.

Social Media

Social media is a series of loud, cliquey, live-streamed cocktail parties. It’s not a bullhorn. We map social activation to audience, channel and strategy and create two-way conversations. We listen as much as we talk. Breakaway invests in great stories that foster great relationships, online and off. 

Public Relations

Breakaway helps clients articulate a powerful, singular story arc that delivers on every channel, whether that means a cover story, a trade event, or a great tweet. We understand the motivations, incentives and responsibilities that govern owned, earned and paid media, and help brands tell the stories that need telling to the people that need to hear them. 

Content Development

Great (and relevant) stories drive success across all media platforms. Our activation and creative teams work seamlessly to produce content that moves needles. Infographics and social content that inject value, not clutter. Books and articles we’d want to read. Videos that make people cry, or laugh, or run to the store. Or sometimes all three at the same time. It’s quite a sight.

Digital Systems

In the never-ending quest to uncover cause and effect, we know how to do both. We’re fully adept at inbound and outbound marketing. We build, track, measure and optimize, and leverage data to make smart choices. Our brand activation team drives actionable thinking and measurable results from CRM and marketing automation to e-commerce solutions, SEO, and lead funnel optimization.