The Next Renaissance


Armed with data points from Breakaway's extensive consumer research study, Bemis developed Comfort is King, a collection of boxers, briefs, T's and tanks. The collection was created to solve the pain points men most commonly called out, from skin irritation to chafing, to bulkiness and bulges. Comfort is King showcases new ways to use Bemis Sewfree® bonding to design underwear and basics that fit better, feel better and complement a man’s physique. 

As part of the launch campaign, we used Michelangelo’s David statue as our muse and positioned Sewfree as the next wave of high design, outfitting David with his very own bonded briefs. We sent David out as a desk drop to designers at various US intimate apparel brands to create a unique and top of mind experience for Bemis to interact with their customers and prospects. The campaign was also accompanied by email, additional sales collateral, a paid social campaign, digital kit and an influencer partnership.

Desk Drop

Breakaway created a desk drop featuring mini bonded briefs. Sent to designers at various US intimate apparel brands, it created a unique and top of mind experience for Bemis to interact with their customers and prospects.

Influencer Partnership

We partnered with an influencer and developed a custom “Wear & Share” Kit for feedback.

Custom Sales Kit

A sneak peak boxer-brief test kit was sent out to Bemis customers with the call to action to set up a meeting, share feedback and/or learn more.

Social Posts

Activated the collection with social posts targeted at customers and prospects.

Digital Sales Presentation

Armed the Bemis sales team with an interactive digital sales presentation to educate customers about the Bemis Sewfree Comfort is King collection.

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